Shane O'Neill

SON2016I am Shane O'Neill: Father, Fisherman and co-Founder of Elgin.

Formerly an academic historian, I rose rapidly to senior positions in international publishing corporations until, inevitably and on the "Peter Principle",  I reached the level of my own incompetence and eventually left corporate life.


Then I re-discovered what it was really like to work with great people, to challenge existing value chains with web technologies, and to create a company and community of genuine moral and economic worth.


In 2011 I led the buy-out of Elgin, the data technology company whose platform is and of which I am now the Executive Chairman. Elgin is driving innovation across the entire UK transport sector. And doing so with a unique approach to opening up public data and private-public sector cooperation.


The views expressed on this site, unless otherwise stated, are my own personal observations and not necessarily those of Elgin. But they do reflect common values - challenge, commitment to cloud based shared services, value for money & respect for colleagues, clients & customers.


The blog also reflects something of the life and work balance characteristic of post-corporate life!


Shane O'Neill

6 October 2015


"Where there is no vision, the people perish"  Proverbs 29:18